Johnny Chainsaw is a narrative-driven indie platformer where players don’t have a jump button. Immerse yourself in this world of power structures, ethical dilemmas, and struggles in responding to change. Unravel the devastating secret that will destroy the world. Make your choice and decide the fate of the entire world.


Development is on pace for a 2022 PC release on Steam. The game will support a wired controller and a keyboard.


Check the Johnny Chainsaw video gallery for visual updates. You can get updates or chat about this indie title with me or the game’s Twitter. Make sure to check out the dev blog for thoughts and processes.


Teaser Trailer One

“It’s all about to change.”

Modeling Oscar’s Head

A sped up time lapse of modeling Oscar’s head.

Procedural Electricity

Using Unity’s Line tool and Raycasting.

Oscar Animation

A couple angles of Oscar climbing the railing.

Modeling Oscar’s Arms

A sped up time lapse of modeling Oscar’s Arms.

Texture Based Cutout Glass

Making a glass cutout with textures.



Johnny began working at the Yarbor more + Institute during a hiring spree for quality assurance testers.  He grew close to Margaret while working in Ivan’s lab. Margaret requested Johnny be her top lab assistant when she became Delta labs director. Long hours and stressful projects eventually drove a wedge between them and fostered a situation that forever changed their lives. less –


Few stars shine as brightly and more + flicker with as much intensity as Ivan’s. He was once heralded as the world’s top emerging scientist. Soon he found himself catching ire from other scientists. With no achievements to his name and a burning desire to prove himself, Ivan began working at the Yarbor Institute and intended to undermine all those who set him back. less –


Margaret’s attention to detail and more + dedication carried her from humble beginnings as a Yabor intern for Ivan to director of the Delta labs. At Delta she quickly finished projects that were backlogged in Ivan’s lab. Her keen problem solving skills and successful track record make her one of Oscar’s most trusted employees. Read more about Margaret on the dev blog. less –


Oscar’s desire for greater advancements more + in technology led him to become the first robot to establish a profitable company on Corut. He is the founder and self-proclaimed visionary of the Yarbor Institute. Most of the planet’s technological advances now come from Oscar’s company. Read more about Oscar on the dev blog less –